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Tai Chi practice


This section aims to explore mental, physical and spiritual development in the search for self-knowledge. In the talks, regular classes and practice encounters we analyze and debate different situation, thoughts and exercises to see if they are conducting us where we wish to go.


Different exercises from different disciplines are practiced all with a common essence, the search for union and harmony for life. In all cultures throughout the world patterns and constants in the harmony of humans and their surroundings have been studied.


The apparent differences that can be found are vast and there are as many variants as there are people to explain their points of view of nature. 

Hence why self-knowledge is essential, so we can comprehend and do what is required of us.

The harmony of a person is used for excersising, cooking, working, maintain health, for music or anything that we wish to develop. 

Regargdless of your background we are all in contact with nature, this practice is one approach to a deeper connection with it. All with the goal of being in union and in harmony.

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